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Teaching creative skill building & helping artists conquer technology barriers to make their work more accessible

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Sponflower Step One

Want to learn how to design your own fabrics? Start here with a step-by-step guide to uploading, proofing, creating collections and more.

Intro to Pixlr

Pixlr is a free graphic design tool that works in your web browser. Learn how to use it for fabric designs, simple graphics, or business cards.

About Becka ​

Becka Rahn is a full-time teaching artist who works in a micro-studio in Minneapolis, MN. She creates art primarily in fabric and paper, specializing in textured designs from cut paper illustrations using recycled papers. She creates surface designs for fabric that she uses to make art pieces for gallery exhibitions, functional items to sell in her Etsy shops, and fabrics that you can buy to make your own projects.

She is passionate about helping artists conquer technology barriers to make their work more accessible. You can see more of her work at www.beckarahn.com

Affordability is one of my core values.

Taking a class is an investment. You invest not only money, but time, energy and attention to learn something new. You might not know if you have the patience to design fabric. You might never have taken an online class before. You might never have taken a class from me before. It’s a lot of new things to try sight unseen, so I try to make many classes free or low cost through writing grants and partnerships to subsidize costs. These classes are my investment in you. I hope you will LOVE it and come back for more knowing exactly what to expect.

You make your own learning experience.

My classes are not like a TV show that you sit back and watch. I’ll be honest; I don’t like those kinds of classes and I don’t think they are the best learning experience for everyone. 

Instead, my classes are more like an interactive book. Inside you’ll find articles, checklists and step-by-step instructions to read. Each class includes video clips where I demonstrate hands-on parts of the lesson and screen capture where you can see videos of my screen as I am working and you can follow along. There are photos, diagrams and worksheets to print out.

The “combo” format lets you customize and make the class your own. You can do it at your own pace. Replay, skip or pause the videos so you can follow along. Come back and review anytime. Learn better from reading than videos? You can do that too.

What students say about classes

thread, sewing, colorful-931889.jpg

“Thanks so much for the information – AT LAST someone who can explain logically and pedagogically about Spoonflower!!” – A.

brush, paint, color-96240.jpg

“So glad we’re able to refer back to the course! I needed help on adding to a collection and was able to find the information. Thanks!” – J.

sewing, patchwork, körkés-2321532.jpg

“Extremely helpful. Lessons were very well explained and packed with useful information. The examples from real listings allowed me to follow along with my own shop in a separate window. This is my second class with Becka, and I will take more soon!” — A.

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“GREAT class. Every section Becka tackled were the ones I was struggling with and she explained things carefully and in layman’s terms. Thank you!” — K.